Daily Roundup

LibreOffice “Going Forward as Planned.”

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Seam Faces 3.0.1 Final and Hibernate Search 3.4.

Seam Faces 3.0.1 is Final!

Seam Faces version 3.0.1 Final has been released. This module
brings enhancements to the JSF programming model, and integrates
JSF with other Seam modules. This update adds URL-rewriting
support, replaces uses of Faces’ Annotations with Solder’s
AnnotationInspector, and adds reference documentation for View
Configuration. The next release – 3.0.2 – is expected in May.

LibreOffice “Going Forward as Planned”

Earlier this week, Oracle announced they would discontinue their
commercial version of OpenOffice and
contribute the project to the community
, leading some to
question what impact this would have on LibreOffice. The Document
Foundation, home of LibreOffice, have posted a statement affirming it’s business as usual,
although they make no explicit reference to Oracle’s decision:

“The development of TDF community and LibreOffice is going
forward as planned, and we are always willing to include new
members and partners.”

Hibernate Search 3.4 Released with Lucene

Version 3.4 of the Hibernate Search full-text
search engine, has been released. This release adds faceting, which
allows the user to divide query results into multiple categories.
Users can also select one or several category results to refine the
query, and customise how data is retrieved. The release includes
version 3.1 of Lucene, and the Hibernate Search query engine has
been isolated from Hibernate Core. The engine is reused in
Infinispan 5 as part of its Query module. Information on all the
changes, is available at the Changelog.

Spring Data Graph with Neo4j Support Reaches

Spring Data Graph with Neo4j support has reached
version 1.0! For the 1.0 release, the team have
removed cyclic dependencies and restructured repository interfaces,
and improved the relationship collection update handling for
detached entities. The dependency has been updated to Neo4j 1.3
final. More information on the changes is available at the Changelog.

Spring Data Graph is a project for bringing programming models
of the Spring framework to NoSQL databases. More information on the
project is available at the Spring
Data website

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