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Latest Java Tech Journal Dives into Java 7

June's issue of Java Tech Journal is available now! This month, we take a look at the imminent – and long-awaited - release of Java 7. Readers will get the scoop on all the latest Java features, with articles by co-lead of the London JUG, Martijn Verburg; Ben Evans from the Java SE/EE Executive Committee; and independent consultant Toby Weston. Vineet Manohar takes a critical look at these changes and lists his favourite new features, in 'Java 7: The Top 8 Features,' and we interview Anna Kozlova from JetBrains, to find out more about bringing Java 7 support to IntelliJ IDEA 10.5. Finally, Oracle's Stuart Marks talks us through the nuts and bolts of the new try-with-resources statement in 'Using Try-With-Resources in Java SE 7.'

The PDF version of Java Tech Journal can be downloaded now, for free, and iPad-fans should check out our Java Tech Journal app: bringing all of JTJ's great content directly your iPad!

Jessica Thornsby

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