Almost showtime

Last milestone for Gradle as it prepares for first major version

Chris Mayer

Debut major version within touching distance say developers.

The build tool Gradle, despite not having a solid final version
to its name, has generated quite a stir within the Java/Groovy
ecosystem with its game-changing approach to automated building.
But the complete version finally comes into sight.

After last month’s Valentine’s Day milestone, the team offer

Gradle 1.0 M9
, which they say will be the final one before they
enter the release candidate stage. As you can see from the roadmap, there’s a fair bit of
planning that’s gone ahead for the tool.

In this release, the Gradle
 (which improves the startup and execution
time of Gradle)
 has been let free from the shackles and
can be considered stable, after its experimental phase. Other
notable improvements are the new “Extra Properties” mechanism which
replaces “Dynamic Properties” and the shedding of water weight by
getting rid of deprecated API items, ahead of the first
version. The full
 is in the migration guide.

Another big change is that the Java Compile task now uses
Gradle’s own compiler integration by default, rather than using the
Ant javac task, which according to the developers will allow them
to make further developments in the future to speed up

release notes
go into all the changes in further detail. So,
now begins the four week wait before the first release candidate
for Gradle 1.0, and we could see more pending on that candidate’s
stability. The team outline their immediate plans here.
Either way, we want them to get it spot on before a proper

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