Subject to minor delays

Lambda problems leaves Java 8 Dev Preview indefinitely delayed

Chris Mayer

Scope of Project Lambda causes slip in complete milestone admits Chief Architect, and Project Lambda will need “more time”.

We should hardly be surprised, but JDK 8 has suffered
another setback, with news that Java 8’s Developer Preview
Milestone 7) will be

Chief Architect of the Java Platform, Mark Reinhold, provided
a Java 8 status update yesterday on the

JDK8 mailing list
, revealing that
the holdup was caused by last month’s delay of
sixteen of the 50 JDK Enhancement Proposals, which each
represent a feature within Java 8.

These were moved from the supposedly “Feature Complete” sixth
milestone, released last month, to the seventh milestone, which he
said was either due to the logistics of integrating such large
projects or simply because they needed more time.

Many of these “slipped” proposals are related to Project
Lambda, the cornerstone feature of Java 8 that adds closures to the
language, and Reinhold suggested that Project Lambda may require
“more time” to complete.

“The language and VM work for Lambda has already been
integrated,” he assured, before admitting that “at least another
six weeks are needed to refine the stream API and finish the
related core-libraries enhancements”.

The Developer Preview release of Java 8 was expected to be
available today, but that has now been postponed indefinitely until
all features are ready. Reinhold says it “will take some time to
determine how much of an extension is needed” for M7 and a new
schedule will appear within the next month.

There’s no official confirmation yet that Java 8 will miss
release of September
, but
with its main feature missing an important deadline, we
should prepare for more delays.
if Project Lambda isn’t yet in prime condition, pushing it
out unfinished would be a bigger mistake – especially since there
is now so much riding on it.

The question is: how much longer do we have to
for the train
to reach the platform?

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