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Klockwork Add Functionality for Analysing Whole Program Space

Jessica Thornsby

Klockwork Insight 9.2 targets the problems of parallel processing and ensuring data is in the correct format.

Klocwork have announced new capabilities for Klocwork
Insight, which aim to address two issues related to multicore and
multiprocessor development.


The first, fixes the problem of heterogeneous processor
architectures requiring developers to ensure data interaction with
the target processor is in the proper endian format. Now, Klockwork
flags instances where data is being transmitted to or from the
target without being transformed. Secondly, developers can now
analyse the whole program space to identify solutions where
potential conflicts occur, in an effort to ensure parallel
processes don’t conflict with one another.


These new capabilities will be generally available as part of
Klocwork Insight 9.2 in October 2010.

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