Kanban, thank you ma’am

Kanban-based project management tool Rike open-sourced

Elliot Bentley

Automation specialists arago have open-sourced their two-year-old internal project management tool, Rike.

Automation specialists arago have
their internal project management tool, Rike.
Having been used (and, presumably, refined) internally for almost
two years, the company are releasing it under an MIT license to
allow other teams to make use of their software.

Built in Java 6 using Liferay Portal, Rike was conceived to aid
arago’s development team working with the Kanban principle. In
accordance with Kanban, team members are not assigned tasks but
instead choose their own out of a team-wide to-do list. Rike also
embraces aspects of other development principles, such as scrum and
extreme programming.

Instead of replacing existing tools, arago’s solution acts as a
“metasystem” able to link with existing wikis and ticketing
systems, with every to-do entered with a URL pointing to further
information about the task stored elsewhere.

The placing of a restrictive MIT license on Rike means that arago
is hardly being opened to development by the community at large,
but it’s nice of them to share. If you want to have a go yourself,
you can download Rike from the github repository now.

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