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Jubula 1.1 and GUIdancer 5.2 Released

Jessica Thornsby

Jubula and GUIdancer add early warning system.

BREDEX GmbH have announced the release of Jubula 1.1 and GUIdancer 5.2. GUIdancer is
based on the Eclipse Jubula project, which made its Release Train
debut this year. Both releases feature a new early warning for
component recognition problems:

“One of the frequently-mentioned gripes with GUI testing is that
components in the GUI are subject to change” said Achim Lörke,
Project Lead for both Jubula and GUIdancer. “Our object recognition
heuristic already reduces the likelihood that a change will lead to
a component not being found, but the new system means that we can
be warned when the next change could lead to the heuristic failing,
and remedy the problem before it occurs.”

GUIdancer users can access this early warning system for object
recognition through a BIRT report, while both GUIdancer and Jubula
users can benefit from a “traffic light system” that operates on
collected components, and indicates the accuracy of their current
recognition status.

Jubula 1.1 and GUIdancer 5.2 also feature a new refactoring
wizard for replacing Test Cases with new ones, and improve the
refactoring options. Jubula 1.1 can be downloaded standalone from the Jubula website, while
GUIdancer is available with a 30 day demo license.

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