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JSONB and security simplification top wish list for Java EE 8

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With final community survey results all in, Java EE 8 blueprint is slowly coming together.

Having completed the final wave of their Java EE
8 community survey, Oracle is edging closer to finalizing its
blueprints for the next phase of the platform.

These are the final results in full* (the
percentages indicate the points a feature received and features are
ordered by popularity):

Whilst the initial waves of the survey
concentrated on specific items, the final installment concentrated
on a “distilled subset” of top community choices. The areas chosen
for this prioritization exercise correspond to features that pulled
in at least 60% “Yes” votes in the first two parts of the

From this selection, JSONB emerged as the top
community priority, garnering 13.7% of votes, closely followed by
security simplification, which came out with 11.1%.
 Surprisingly, whilst 70% of participants in previous surveys
had voted in its favor, the standardization of java.util.logging
lags behind in the this wave of results.

Cloud specifications also  appeared to be
less of a priority, receiving 6.68% of votes. Oracle will likely
maintain a conservative approach on this front, opting to implement
smaller supporting features.

Java EE architects and specification lead Linda
DeMichiel wrote on her

that the next steps will be for Oracle
to “to evaluate this input, and balance it with feedback from our
Java EE licensees, the members of our expert groups, customers, and
our internal architects and specification leads. Invariably this
will involve weighing competing opinions and balancing competing
needs and objectives against the resources and time that we have to
achieve them.”

She added a recommendation that anyone who’d
like to give further input should get involved with one of Oracle’s
Expert Group projects (you can find these

*Java EE 8
– prioritization by the community. Picture:


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