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JRebel 5.0 now tackling redeploys remotely

Chris Mayer

As part of the Estonian Java Conference, Geekout, hosts ZeroTurnaround reveal the fifth version of their landmark tool JRebel – introducing three new features with cloud aspirations

As part of hosting their own two-day conference, Geekout 2012 in Tallinn, ZeroTurnaround
were wise to save their big announcement live at the big event.
Their innovative flagship redeploy-avoiding product JRebel has
entered its fifth version, bringing with it three big features.

As announced by CEO Jevgeni Kabanov, JRebel 5.0
introduces JRebel Remoting, bringing the JRebel magic to remote and
cloud servers. Initially, JRebel can be used
out-of-the-box with AWS, Rackspace and Jelastic, with further PaaS
vendor tie-ins to follow, according to the co-founder. Eclipse is
supported in this release, with NetBeans and IntelliJ promised at a
later date. This will bring JRebel to more and more teams – which
is great to see. Check out the Getting Started Guide

Next up is the new
Config Centre
plugin for Eclipse, which eliminates the old
rebel.xml and intelligently configures all the necessary IDE
settings. Config Centre also monitors the environment and helps
debug common problems. As of now, this is only available for
Eclipse with the two previously mentioned to follow in due

Finally, there’s a new platform,
myJRebel, effectively allowing
you to use JRebel as a SaaS. Kabanov adds that
‘this release supports the Scala and OSS free plans,
with Social coming in the next few weeks’.

All in all, it appears that JRebel is
maneouvering itself to be ready for cloud-friendly environments,
but the features offered in 5.0 look like being worthwhile for all.
Check out the full Changelog to
learn more about the other changes, including new Hibernate,
MyFaces, CXF and Spring integrations. You can also download it
. Congrats to the ZeroTurnaround team on this big release
at GeekOut – another conference full of big announcements it

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