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JRebel 3.6 Launched on Eclipse Marketplace and Sonatype Sticks with Hudson

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Spring Data Graph 1.0.0.M2 and Salesforce.com acquire Manymoon.

JRebel 3.6 Launched on Eclipse Marketplace

A few months after launching JRebel 3.5, the JRebel team have
followed it up with version 3.6, which is also available from the
Eclipse Marketplace. For this release, the team have improved the
debugging behaviour for Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA, and Lift,
Logback and JUEL integration have all been added. EJB 3.1 on
GlassFish 3 is now supported, and a list of bugs have been fixed.
Please see the Changelog for more information.

Android 3.0 ‘Honeycomb’ – Biggest Change

Honeycomb lead designer Matias Duarte has told Mobilized that Android aren’t solely targeting
tablets with their upcoming 3.0 release: “Tablet was the focus, but
the changes we did also free it up to be more flexible for other
contexts as well. It’s about really eliminating all the barriers to
all the different kinds of form factors that people might want to
interact with.” He also referred to Honeycomb as Android’s biggest
change since its debut.

preview of the Honeycomb SDK
was released earlier this

Sonatype – Sticking With Hudson

Sonatype’s Jason van Zyl has posted his thoughts on
the Hudson-or-Jenkins debate
: “while I’m sure we’re not going
to be very popular in the short term, continuing the Hudson with
Oracle is what we feel is best.” He urges the community to follow
the @hudsonci twitter account to keep up-to-date with the work
being done at Hudson, and he plans to run a series of blog posts
about the work Sonatype are planning to contribute to the project.
“I believe it is truly regrettable what has happened, but life goes
on and I’m sure both projects will do well catering to their

Liferay Add Live Preview

Liferay users can now access a live preview for the Document Library. This
live preview functionality works for both thumbnails of files in
the file listing, and previews of the actual document, which can be
viewed without downloading the file. This preview works by
converting files to PDF format, using OpenOffice. Therefore,
OpenOffice is required for the preview functionality to work.

Spring Data Graph 1.0 Reaches Second

The second milestone release of the Spring Data Graph 1.0
project with Neo4j support has been announced. Spring Data aims to
make it easier for developers to build Spring-powered apps that use
data access technologies. The Graph Neo4j module provides
integration with the Neo4j graph database, and this release adds
support for the removal of node and relationship entities, and
dynamic projection to arbitrary graph entities. The dependency has
been updated to Neo4j 1.2. For more information on the release,
please see the Changelog.

Big Fixes for Apache Tomcat 5.5.32

Version 5.5.32 of Apache Tomcat has been
announced. This version updates to Commons Daemon 1.0.5 and
commons-pool 1.5.5, and improves the documentation of database
connection factory and filtering of Manager display output. There
is also a list of bug fixes, listed at the Changelog.

Salesforce.com Get Manymoon

The Grails based social project management company Manymoon,
has been acquired by Salesforce.com. Manymoon have
previously launched their social productivity app on Google Apps
Marketplace, LinkedIn, and the Google Chrome Web Store. According
to the announcement, the Manymoon team will remain intact and
operate as a separate business within Salesforce.com. The free
Manymoon Standard edition will continue to be available for
existing and new customers, while premium features, subscriptions
and price points will remain unchanged.

Firefox 4 Beta for Android and Maemo

Firefox have announced 4 Beta for Android and Maemo. This beta strives
to improve readability with zooming, and fixes some keyboard
issues, in addition to reportedly faster start-up and page load
times. Firefox 4 Beta for mobile is based on the same technology
platform as Firefox 4 for the desktop, optimised for the mobile
environment. Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta is available from the Android

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