Flash Player + Java?

JITB Project Attempts to Build Flash Player Using Java

Jessica Thornsby

Joa Ebert has unveiled his work-in-progress Flash player built with Java.

Joa Ebert has blogged about his JITB project, where he is attempting
to build a Flash Player using Java.

Currently, JITB can translate a subset of ActionScript code into
Java bytecode at runtime. He is also working at Java
interoperability, which means users would be able to call Java
classes from within ActionScript.

Ebert outlines a few things on his to do list, namely implement
the whole Flash API, and give the Display List rendering an OpenGL
implementation. However, he has high hopes for the future:
“Hopefully you will be able to use JITB on your desktop machine, on
a server or on an Android phone. Basically everywhere Java


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