New View on Project Configuration

JIRA Project Configuration Interview

Jessica Thornsby

JIRA Project Configuration plugin: “simplify and speed up the configuration and management of projects in JIRA.”

Earlier this month, Atlassian released a
JIRA Project Configuration prototype
that replaced the existing
project details page in the JIRA admin. In this interview, Product
Marketing Manager for Atlassian JIRA, Ken Olofsen, tells us more
about this project……

JAXenter: What is the JIRA Project
Configuration prototype?

Ken Olofsen: The JIRA Project Configuration plugin prototype is our
first public release of a new plugin designed to simplify and speed
up the configuration and management of projects in JIRA.

The plugin provides a simple, intuitive view of key project
configurations – including workflows, permissions, and
notifications. The plugin is intended to help both new and existing
JIRA project managers quickly understand their project setup and
make changes with ease.

JAXenter: What issues does it seek to correct,
in JIRA’s existing project administration interface?

Ken Olofsen: At times, one of JIRA’s greatest
strengths can also be its nemesis. The flexibility and
sophistication of project configuration is so extensive it becomes
a challenge to wrap your head around it and make even the smallest
changes. The goal of the JIRA Project Configuration plugin is *not*
to remove any of these features or to change the object model.
Instead, we visualise relevant settings and how they relate to each
other while hiding the underlying complexities. We also built this
as a plugin – instead of directly into the UI – so we can release
updates to customers for feedback with greater frequency outside of
the normal JIRA release schedule.

JAXenter: What functionality is being planned
for the final version of this tool, that is not included in the

Ken Olofsen: The current prototype of the JIRA
Project Configuration plugin is just read-only, allowing you to
view your project configuration. We intend to add the ability to
update settings, taking into account the ability to copy and / or
share settings with other projects. We’re always looking for
feedback, so please feel free to provide us your ideas.

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