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JIRA 6 gets a UI makeover, mobile view

Elliot Bentley

New release of world-beating issue tracker focuses on faster, user-friendly interface.

Atlassian has never been a slouch when it came to the
visual design of their software, but it has pushed even further
with the latest
of flagship issue-tracker JIRA.

Now in its eleventh year, JIRA is reportedly used in
more than 25,000 organizations. Version 6, released today, brings
an updated (and, it is claimed, more efficient) UI and a smattering
of minor functional changes.

Frequent users will likely appreciate the addition of
a mobile view, a space-creating collapsible sidebar and a “new
project” wizard that offers the choice between several common
project types.

An Outlook-inspired “detail view”, meanwhile, allows a
list of tasks to be docked to the left-hand side of the window,
allowing users to quickly jump between tickets. Its streamlined
interface, it is claimed, “will cut the time you’ll spend working
with lists of issues by 50 percent”.

The new UI follows Atlassian’s design guidelines –
written for both add-on developers and the company’s internal team
– resulting in an interface more consistent with Atlassian’s other
products. “Buttons, icons, menus, and typography” have all been
updated, which the company says provides as “smoother

Smaller new features bring non-cosmetic improvements
likely to please power users, including editable usernames and a
“bulk watch” function – both of which topped a poll of desired
features. Those using JIRA’s workflows can now import additional
community-built workflows via the Atlassian Marketplace.

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