Kawaguchi Reflects on Trademark Dispute

Jenkins Reaches 1.400

Jessica Thornsby

“I do think we came out stronger,” says Kohsuke Kawaguchi.

The Jenkins continuous integration server has reached 1.400, “a milestone for those of us who are
involved in the project” according to Kohsuke Kawaguchi. At the
announcement, Kawaguchi also speaks positively about the outcome of
the project’s trademark dispute with Oracle:

“I do think we came out stronger. We are now running governance
meetings on IRC, we now have somewhat more formal governance
structure. The core development is actually accelerating with the
help of many new developers.”

Moving forward, Kawaguchi is planning to propose stable patch
releases of backported bug fixes for Jenkins, in addition to the
existing weekly release model. A community acceptance test effort
is also under consideration.

“When I reflect on the project, I’m surprised at just how much
work there is to be done, after so much that has been achieved. But
I’m still excited at what we can do with this platform. I thank
everyone for their continued patoronage of Jenkins, and I hope to
see more of you in the mailing lists, in the chat rooms, and in the
meet-up events. And here is to infinity and beyond!”

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