Semantic Web Framework

Jena Makes it into the Apache Incubator

Jessica Thornsby

New Apache project implements W3C recommendations for semantic web technologies.

The Jena semantic web framework for Java has made
it into the Apache Incubator! Jena implements W3C recommendations
for the semantic web technologies of RDF and SPARQL. It consists of
an API for working with RDF, multiple storage systems for RDF data,
and parsers and writers for the RDF formats. It contains an
implementation of SPARQL and an API for manipulating OWL. The
project will include the main components of Jena, the main Jena
download, GRDDL, ARQ, SDB, TDB, the IRI library and Joseki. Jena
uses the projects Xerces, Lucene, Apache Commons HttpClient and
Apache Commons FileUpload.

This project was originally created as part of a HPLabs
initiative to develop a framework that provided a library to deal
with the details of semantic web standards.

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