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jBPM gets down to business with 5.2 release

Chris Mayer

New features aplenty for open source Java BPM suite

JBoss’ open source Business Process Management suite has
received a fresh renovation. Aimed to be the bridge between
analysts and developers, jBPM 5.2 boasts some impressive new
features in this release such as a domain-specific
service repository
, advancements on the web-based process
developer and some much-needed support for the championed
application server JBoss

jBPM 5.2
, users can import existing services from their
repository and then integrate into their process. Below shows how a
special imported Twitter task can be integrated simply into a
process, via the graphical interface.

Fortunately, the jBPM team have
provided an comprehensive video that details the improvements made
on the web-based process side of the operation.

jBPM5 is the latest community version of the jBPM project.
jBPM is a pure Java, light-weight, extensible workflow engine
that can run in any Java environment, be used as a service or be
embedded as an application in larger systems.  It is based on
the BPMN 2.0 specification and supports the entire life
cycle of the business process (from authoring through execution to
monitoring and management). 

Documentation for
the release is available. The team advise newcomers to
download the full
 and follow the installer
, to guide you through the tools with a simple
example. You can also import the examples module
to have look at the numerous examples included in there. They’ve
also promised a few adjustments in the coming weeks too.

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