Big week for JBoss developers

JBoss Tools 3.3 and Developer Studio 5.0 released

Chris Mayer

More than a year on from the last big release, the JBoss community’s set of Eclipse plugins gets a well-needed update in 3.3. Their no-fuss distribution, Developer Studio 5.0 gets a final release too

As you may have noticed over the past weeks on the site, we’ve
been eagerly monitoring the progress of the JBoss project devoted
to dealing with Eclipse plugins.

Max Rydahl Andersen announced
the final release of JBoss Tools
3.3 and Developer Studio 5, incorporating a year’s work towards
bettering the projects that harmonise the world of Eclipse and

One aspect that is clear from the get-go with JBoss is an
attemptto make the whole thing sleeker, with the addition of a
multiplatform installer for JBoss Developer Studio. Not only is it
smaller and faster to download than previously, but it allows
you to just download one installer no matter what OS you are
running, streamlining the whole process. Not that it wasn’t simple
beforehand – being a one-click installation deal – but it just got

To further this sense of cohesion, JBoss Central is
introduced to act as a one-stop shop for all things JBoss, so users
can learn what is happening within the community. It appears
immediately from startup and can act as the trigger
six project wizards central to JBoss - CDI and
Richfaces for example. Central also acts as a software updater
where you can install and update verified plugins to work with
Tools or within Developer Studio. Overall, it’s a finer polish on
the product.

Other things new to
Tools/Developer Studio include updated JBoss servers to welcome in
other Red Hat updates such as yesterday’s EAP 6 and JBoss AS 7. You
can also hook up to the fairly new PaaS, OpenShift as shown in the
video below. There’s some impressive OpenShift tooling already
incorporated and we can expect this to be bolstered in future
updates as the fledgling platform-as-a-service fully

Finally, there’s a raft of improvements for Maven,
namely full support and integration of m2e for users of
Maven projects and several new configurators. You can expect
up-to-date support for Hibernate, Forge, Seam and
Deltaspike. For an overview of all the changes since JBoss Tools
3.2, check out the full list on
New and

Oh, one more thing as an extra treat with the
upcoming Eclipse Juno release train, Rydahl Andersen revealed
JBoss Tools can be installed on top of
Juno. But, a word of caution, it is not guaranteed that everything
works with Juno only set to arrive on June 27th. Rydahl Anderson
adds: “We know that especially Hibernate Dali/JPT integration have
issues since here the API has changed greatly.But if you are a Juno
early-adopter then do please try run JBoss Tools on it and if you
find issues let us know in the forum or on jira.”

If you’re fond of both Eclipse and JBoss technologies, then this
release is the one for you. Download Developer Studio and

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