JSF 2 Support for JBoss Tools

JBoss Tools 3.2 Released

Jessica Thornsby

Updated CDI tooling and new Remote Deployment capabilities for JBoss Tools.

JBoss Tools version 3.2 has been announced. JSF
2 is now supported in Visual Page Editor and JBoss’s XHTML
structured editors, and JSF 2 provides a new standardised approach
for loading resources via the classpath and web archives. CDI
tooling has been updated, and Remote Deployment has been added,
which relays the file transfer to the Eclipse Remote System
Explorer API. Remote Deployment is provided via the “Deploy Only”
server, meaning it can be used to deploy to application servers and
systems that support hotdeployment by scanning their local file
system for changes, and not just for the JBoss Application Server
adapters. Please see the New &
for more information on what’s new in JBoss

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