Betas for JBoss

JBoss Tools 3.2 and Developer Studio 4 Release Second Beta

Jessica Thornsby

JBoss Tools 3.2 Beta 2 and JBoss Developer Studio 4 Beta 2.

Beta 2 of JBoss Tools version 3.2 has been announced.
Users should be able to install all of JBoss Tools on any Eclipse
compatible operating system, and the SteamCannon team are now
hosting a DeltaCloud server that can be used together with JBoss
Tools, without setting up a DeltaCloud server. This beta also
provides a full set of code completion, validation, refactoring and
quick fixes for CDI. Hibernate, Seam, Drools, BPEL, ESB, GWT and
Modeshape have all received bug fixes. This is the last beta of 3.2
planned, with Final scheduled for next month.

JBoss have also pushed out the second beta of JBoss Developer Studio 4, which
incorporates the updated plugins from the JBoss Tools release.

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