Seam 3.0 Features

JBoss Seam 3.0 To Be Released Mid-July?

Jessica Thornsby

Drools 5 integration and GWT support promised for upcoming Seam 3.0 release.

JBoss have revealed that we can expect to see a
release candidate of Seam 3.0 in mid-July.

JBoss Seam is an application framework for building applications
by unifying and integrating technologies such as Asynchronous
JavaScript and XML, Java Server Faces, Enterprise Java Beans and
Java Portlets.

In addition to the release date, JBoss have posted a list of
features for the upcoming Seam 3.0 release, including Drools 5
integration, jBPM 3 support, and the Seam Application Framework.
Additional functionality which the team hope to include, are JMS
events bridge, support for GWT and scheduling support.

Looking even further forward, Seam 3.1 is tentatively scheduled
for a Christmas release. This release is likely to be compatible
with Seam 2, and will feature Spring integration and support for
JBoss ESB.

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