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JBoss Developer Framework 1.0 released

Chris Mayer

The latest framework release is all about education, easing developers into the world of JBoss and Java EE 6 technologies

Ever been allured by the charms of JBoss, but feared the
transition would be too hard to make? Well, a new landmark release
aims to make learning the wonders of JBoss much easier.

Developer Framework 1.0
is all about education, existing to
give developers a helping hand with nearly all of JBoss
and Java EE 6 technologies on the enterprise support JBoss
Enterprise Application Platform and the community focused JBoss AS,
crucially making sure they get every last bit out of every single

Red Hat’s Pete Muir
details three ways in which developers can get the best out of JDF
1.0. The first is via good old fashioned quickstarts,
53 in all, and each one looking at a particular JBoss API. From
learning how to write a web application using the latest
Java EE technologies like CDI and JAX-RS to writing client
libraries to talk to JBoss AS, the amount of initial quickstarts is
very encouraging. Another plus is the denotation of a difficulty
guide, showing newcomers where they should go to first, before
attempting more advanced things.

Quickstarts are good, but sometimes you just want to get
going and go further than a simple application. Fear not,
the TicketMonster web application answers the
call. TicketMonster shows off three of the best front-ends for
JBoss view layer approaches - HTML5 + REST, Errai/GWT
and RichFaces/JSF. Plans have been laid out to expand TicketMonster
to incorporate more down the line, but as a first shot, it’s a very
impressive complex application with scope to be

Finally, JDF provides a set of migration
for those still using older technologies, like Spring
and Seam 2, or even Java EE 5, gently welcoming them to the world
of Java EE 6. Java Developer Framework comes with a set of JBoss BOMs, working
up from the simple Java EE 6 move to the more advanced extensions
of Hibernate and Arquillian.

We’re really keen to see where JBoss Developer Framework goes
from here. It’s a substantial first move, providing a more than
adequate intro to the world of JBoss for those new to it and with a
tentative roadmap laid to
include further use cases and newer technologies like Deltaspike,
Infinispan and Agorava, JDF could become a perfect one-stop shop
for learning JBoss.

To get involved with the new project, check out the forums and join the 54 contributors
– it’s thriving already.

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