They’ve rebadged it, you fool

JBoss dev clarifies AS rebranding

Elliot Bentley

It’s the project, not the product, which is being renamed, reiterates lead of technical direction Mark Little.

A week ago, it was announced that
JBoss AS was being renamed
, with the community to vote on its
new name. At the time, JBoss’ lead of technical direction, Mark
Little, said the decision was motivated by a need to “better
reflect the changes we’ve seen in [JBoss AS’] reason for existence
so far, but also for what’s to come in the future”

However, Little has issued a
further blog post
attempting to clarify what is changing, and

One of the major issues we want to fix is the confusion inherent
in the term ‘JBoss’. Sometimes people use it to mean the community.
Sometimes it’s the middleware group in Red Hat. Sometimes it’s the
EAP product. And sometimes it’s the community application server

As Little explains, Red Hat hope to clarify this by defining
JBoss as a reliable and enterprise-friendly brand:

When people see software called “JBoss,” we want them to know
that it’s a commercial product with a well defined SLA and support
lifecycle, in contrast to the community projects with best effort
forum-based support provided by the community.

So the plan is to ensure that ‘JBoss’ refers only to JBoss
Enterprise Middleware
. It’s not only JBoss AS which is being
targeted; it’s merely one of many projects to have ‘JBoss’ removed
from its name, as has been taking place already over the past
several years.

Yet some might argue that this move still doesn’t entirely clarify
the meaning of JBoss – after all, according to an FAQ the community brand
will still remain as ‘JBoss Community’.

The company face an uphill struggle with their rebranding. The word
JBoss is still used as shorthand for the application server so much
so that Wikipedia redirects ‘JBoss’ to JBoss AS by default.

You can still propose a new name at until October 14,
with voting itself commencing in the last week of October.

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