What’s in a name?

JBoss AS to be renamed by community

Elliot Bentley

An open vote is being held to rename JBoss AS, as the company move to clarify “a significant amount of confusion”.

thirteen-year-old JBoss AS (JBoss Application Server) is set to get
a new name as JBoss move to distinguish it from JBoss’ other

From today, members of the community can submit their ideas for JBoss
AS’s new name, which will then be voted on from October 21 until
November 1. The winning name will be announced at Devoxx conference, which begins November

“We believe that the time has come to change the name of our
project to better reflect the changes we’ve seen in its reason for
existence so far, but also for what’s to come in the future,” wrote
Mark Little
on his blog
, who leads JBoss’s technical direction.

It comes as part of a
larger shake-up of JBoss
, which Steve Yi, Director, Strategy
& Product Management at Red Hat, says will involve
“increas[ing] access and availability to JBoss [Enterprise
Application Platform] for developers,” although what this will
actually entail is still shrouded in mystery.

According to an accompanying FAQ, the
company says it hopes to clarify “a significant amount of
confusion” over the JBoss brand, and “to make it clear that JBoss,
when used on its own, refers to JBoss Enterprise Middleware.”

However, the JBoss brand is not becoming entirely commercial, since
the community will still be referred to as the ‘JBoss

Although recent rebranding efforts have attempted to make ‘AS7’
shorthand for the project rather than JBoss, the latter still
remains prominent. It’s unknown if the community will be given the
option of voting for its current name.

What do you think JBoss AS should be renamed? Or should it be
renamed at all? Let us know in the comments.

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