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JBoss AS renamed WildFly after vote

Elliot Bentley

The people have spoken, and the server formerly known as JBoss finally has a new name.

JBoss AS is now officially called ‘WildFly’, having
been voted on by the public. Announced at JUDCon, the name WildFly
is said to reflect JBoss AS’s “extremely agile, lightweight,
untamed and truly free” nature.

It’s the conclusion of a six-month voting process that
began when Red Hat management decided to clear up confusion around
the term ‘JBoss’. Currently used to describe JBoss AS, a community
portal and a line of Red Hat products, previous efforts to push the
name ‘AS 7’ were generally unsuccessful.

The vote was announced last October, and according to
JBoss technical director Mark Little over 2,000 names were
originally submitted for consideration. A lengthy
copyright-checking process followed, with a
shortlist of five names
announced in November.

Though voting closed later that month, it has taken
until now for the results to be revealed. Little
he wanted to wait for a “suitable conference” to make the
announcement, and settled on the first JUDCon (JBoss User &
Developers conference) to take place in São Paulo, Brazil.

In second and third place were the names ‘BaseJump’
and ‘jBeret’, while ‘Petasos’ and ‘Jocron’ brought up the rear.
Mailing lists, domains and other elements bearing the name JBoss AS
are currently being renamed.

It is the part of a series of major changes to Red
Hat’s line of Java servers. WildFly’s enterprise older brother
JBoss EAP was recently
made free
, and in his blog post, Little hinted at “a lot of
other announcements over the coming months around WildFly”.

While response to the new name has been mostly
positive, one Slashdot submitter
the rebranding to the way “Red Hat killed Red Hat
Linux in 2003 to make way for Fedora”. Others have pointed
that the application now shares its name with a character from
, which may or may not be an issue depending on
your affinity for giant robots.

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