New-Look JTJ

JAXMag is Now Java Tech Journal!

Jessica Thornsby

The latest issue of the new-look Java Tech Journal is launched.

After six successful issues covering everything from Eclipse
Helios, to Build Tools and Scala, the JAXmag PDF magazine is
undergoing a name-change, and we are proud to introduce Java Tech Journal! The
free, PDF version can still be downloaded from, but
iPad fans can also get all the latest technical tutorials,
developer experience stories, and tips and tricks on all the hot
technologies, delivered straight to their iPad, with our Java Tech
Journal app. The app comes with handy functions, such as bookmarks,
global search and a zoom function, and users have the option of
cherry-picking which issues of Java Tech Journal they wish to
download. Each issue is priced at 99¢. The Java Tech Journal app
can be downloaded now, and users can even check out a demo issue
for free!

The latest issue of the new-look Java Tech Journal is a
follow-up to last month’s Java EE 6 issue, which looked at
in-container testing for Java EE, Java EE 6 compatible web profile
servers and JAX-RS. But, Java EE 6 was such a big step forward for
the platform, that there’s still plenty to cover! In this issue we
deep dive into CDI and web profile, and take developers to the
bleeding edge with a case study that experiments with merging Scala
and CDI using SBT. And, with GlassFish getting its first major
update since the Oracle acquisition, we see how the release stands
up to the community roadmap presented by Oracle in March, 2010.

If our two Java EE 6 issues have left you wanting more info on
Enterprise Java, be sure to come along to JAX San Jose in June,
where Oracle’s Arun Gupta will moderate TWO days dedicated to the
Java EE platform.

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