The Opening of the First JAX in the USA

JAXconf: The Fulminant Future of Java


JAX Conf 2011 kicks off in San Jose!

The first JAX on American ground has started. Today, on Tuesday
21st June, the JAX
was opened by Confrence Chair Sebastian Meyen in San Jose,
California. The conference provides more than 90 sessions in seven
parallel Tracks. And, like the European JAX Conferences, the
JAXconf is fully dedicated to the Java Ecosystem.

Sebastian Meyen explained in his opening speech the idea of the
Java ecosystem, and stressed that in Java there are many places
where innovative responses to the technological challenges of the
future are developed. To highlight the innovation of the Java
ecosystem, and to promote innovative contributions, the JAX
Innovation Award – which is already known in the European context –
has been extended and embedded into the worldwide framework of
JAXconf 2011. In the categories of “Most Innovative Java
Technology,” “Most Innovative Java Company,” “Best Java Ambassador”
and “Special Jury Award” four outstanding contributions to the Java
ecosystem will be regognized by the Community and a panel of
independent Java experts, and will be awarded a total of $

Sebastian Meyen opened the conference.

The opening keynote of JAXconf was presented by none other than
Rod Johnson, founder of the Spring framework and Senior Vice
President of Application Platform Division at VMware. The keynote
speech titled “The Future of Java” had – how could it be otherwise?
– Cloud Computing as the main topic.

But before Rod took the audience into the cloud, he made one
thing clear: Java is not dead, but has a brilliant future ahead of
it. Rod combined this with a quote from Mark Twain: “The reports of
my death are greatly exaggerated.”

But: The future of Java depends on how Java deals with the cloud
challenge. Rod is convinced that cloud computing has arrived at a
stage (by the way, in contrast to SOA) beyond the Buzzword Bingo.
Cloud computing offers many challenges to the world of Enterprise
Java which have to be mastered. Rod highlighted the currently
available enterprise standards and their vulnerabilities.

Developers need to build applications that leverage a dynamic and
changing infrastructure, access data in non-traditional storage
formats, perfrm complex computations against large data sets,
support access from a plethora of client platforms and do so more
quickly than ever before without sacrificing scalability,
reliability and performance.

Rod Johnson gave the opening keynote.

The JAX 2011 Conference will continue until Thursday
23rd June. The conference follows the successful concept of the
European JAX, where attendees can visit all sessions with their
entry badge. Java EE, Spring, Java Language, Java & Tech Tools,
JBoss, Java Mobile and Cloud Computing are among the main topics of
the conference, as well as hot topics surrounding Java like agile
lifecycle management, Webtech & JavaScript and Web
architectures. Also taking place under the umbrella of the JAX
conference, is this year’s JSF Summit JSF, which under the guidance
of guru JSF Kito Mann, contributes about 20 presentations and 2 day
workshops on the latest developments in JavaServer Faces.


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