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JAXconf Preview – The Keynotes

Chris Mayer

It’s less two weeks until our sister conference – excuse us for overflowing with excitement. Here we’ll preview the keynotes for the conference

You’ll have to excuse the eagerness of the following post, but
with our sister conference, JAXconf mere days away, it’s time to
give it the love and attention it rightly deserves.

From July 9-12, some of the Java ecosystem’s brightest
luminaries will descend upon San Francisco to deliver high-calibre
technical talks about the topics that really matter and the
challenges we face in the future. No stone will be left unturned:
core Java, JVM languages like Scala and Clojure, Android, the world
of Big Data & NoSQL, Continuous Delivery, front-end
technologies will all be featured in one way or the other.

But it’s time to look at the big-hitters sandwiched in between
all the juicy
who be providing the keynote addresses at the
event, hopefully bringing some thought-provoking sentiments about
the industry’s current state.

First up on the Monday steps IBM Client Strategy
Architect Tracy Hutcheson with a thought that
we’ve all probably had at one time, Why Mobile?
Explain to me why I care? Maybe you don’t.
Tracy will
attempt to make sense of the current mobile craze sweeping the
development world and asks if it really is a game changer.

Ahead of JAX Community Night, JavaScript guru, Douglas
with JavaScript: Your New
JavaScript has courted a career path eeriely
similar to a global popstar: from misunderstanding to wild success,
then deep found respect – something has gone right for Java’s
uglier and slightly less intelligent sibling. But where can
JavaScript go from here – can it go further? Douglas Crockford
will, as ever, have the answers.

The following day sees Clojure creator Rich
step up to the plate with The Value of
that will analyse value-oriented
programming vs place-oriented programming. This whistle stop tour
will examine the benefits and costs of each. Along the way, he
promises to also tackle “the beauty of garbage and the relationship
between space and time.” It’s par for the course.

Rounding off the keynote bill is Continuous
pioneer Jez Humble to guide us
through the agile methodology taking the enterprise world by storm,
its principles and practices, how it can dovetail the worlds
of Devops, cloud computing and continuous deployment and
all importantly – how it can coexist in the enterprise.

Phew, that’s merely scratching the surface. Check out the site for more details
about the conference and how you can be a part of it all.

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