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February 2015

A bumpy beginning to 2015

Let’s be honest about it, this wasn’t exactly how we expected the year to start: with a major open-source project being cut down in its prime. The news of Pivotal cutting its support for Groovy and Grails took us all by surprise. But most of all, it got us asking questions. Did people really know that (or why) Pivotal was supporting this open-source project until the money was gone? Is the only purpose of open source to make money? If not, then what is it all for? The community? The company? The software? The greater good?

While you dwell on those questions, we have a bumper sized issue packed with useful nuggets of knowledge to keep your mind nourished: Moritz Schulze gives us a tour of AngularJS modular applications and the setup required to get started. Mariam Hakobyan shows us her combination of Elasticsearch database and Kafka for speed and intelligence.

Dr. James Stanier from Brandwatch explains why software developers still need to think like hardware engineers to deliver increased speed, reliability and potential when it comes to processing data. Oracle’s Wolfgang Weigend has taken the time to show us his experience with automated testing of JavaFX GUI components.

And finally, our very own Natali Vlatko is introducing herself to the JAX community with two words of advice: “Agile Schmagile”. Agile alone does not an effective development team make, says Natali, who shows us five concrete ways in which Scrums can fail.

Coman Hamilton

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