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JAX Magazine November – featuring JavaFX, Akka and Mihini

Chris Mayer

The latest blockbuster issue of JAX Magazine has landed. Get your free copy now!

hard to believe that 2012 is almost over and there’s only one more
issue left to round the year out. This year really was the year of
the community.

If you’ve been following the site for the past 12 months, you’re
likely sick of us talking about innovation being at an all-time
high for Java and the JVM. But it’s true. It’s an exciting time to
be contributing to open source project, with so many new avenues to
explore. The Web, data, the cloud to name just a few

November’s issue of JAX
reflects this vibrant spectrum where anything is
possible within the JVM. Contained within this bumper issue, we

  • JavaFX enthusiast Carl Dea shows us
    the potential of the regenerated technology, JavaFX 2.x, using the
    Canvas API to build a Tron Legacy-style clock
  • Typesafe’s Jamie Allen gives us a
    crash course on using Akka actors effectively
  • Uwe Friedrichsen is our sensei,
    deciphering the terms of Software Craftsmanship and how to become a
    black belt in the practice
  • Benjamin Cabe introduces the latest
    Eclipse M2M project Mihini – and why it might be the most important
    arrival yet!

Aside from some meaty tutorials, we talk to TomEE’s David
Blevins about the Tomcat stack gaining plenty of attention. We even
manage to prise ourselves away from the editorial desk to JAX
London to catch some of Java’s most engaging speakers. Finally, we
attempt to answer in the State of Play just who is going to come
out on top in the cloud infrastructure race. OpenStack and
CloudStack might be making all the noise, but does someone else
hold the key?

With that intrigue, we hope you’ll pick up a copy. Download the
latest JAX Magazine as a
, through the
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Happy perusing!

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