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JAX Magazine May – Back into the clouds, talking OpenStack, Stratos and Kotlin

Chris Mayer

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Back in May last year, JAX Magazine put its head firmly in the
clouds, just as the hype behind PaaS and IaaS was frankly becoming

It seemed as if a day didn’t go by without another company
arriving with a different platform claiming to be the answer to
putting application up in the cloud, but the time was right to
provide a general overview. We looked at why PaaS was now a
necessity in the enterprise and dissected each offering, from
OpenShift to Cloud Foundry, giving you the strengths and challenges
of each platform.

Through entirely coincidental planning (honest), this issue of
JAX Magazine revisits the cloud and asks what has changed in twelve
months? Is it still a heap of hype or have fledgling projects
nestled firmly into the furniture of enterprise environments?

The answer lies somewhere in between. 2012 wasn’t exactly the
Year of the PaaS in terms of adoption but awareness of cloud
platforms has never been higher. Now the talk surrounds
infrastructure projects and in particular, the open source battle
brewing between the collaborative OpenStack, Apache’s CloudStack
and a number of outsiders like AWS-linked Eucalyptus.

OpenStack in particularly has received the most column inches,
mainly because of the players involved – Red Hat, IBM, HP and
others are all contributing to the codebase. We sat down with the
OpenStack Foundation’s Executive Director, Jonathan Bryce to talk
about the state of OpenStack, its future and just how they keep
order and attempt to maintain interoperability.

Some might argue that the enterprise demands AWS-style like
services within a PaaS – after all Amazon is the unopposed king
when it comes to cloud computing. Cumulogic CEO Mike Soby tells us
why we should stop trying to define the platform and why we should
follow AWS in offering choice between contextual/composable PaaS
solutions and modular cloud services. It all depends on the
complexity of the application.

WSO2’s Paul Fremantle shows us around the hetergeneous platform
PaaS Stratos 2.0 and its architecture. We also find time to talk to
jclouds founder Adrian Cole about the portable cloud library’s
imminent move to the Apache Software Foundation.

Don’t worry if you’re sick of the cloud, we’ve got you covered.
Andrey Breslav, the brains behind JVM language Kotlin shows us how
the statically typed language is a perfect fit for contemporary web

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