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JAX Magazine March – augmented reality, Eclipse M2M and Vaadin 7

Chris Mayer

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In the future, will we be seeing life through Android-powered
Google Glass headsets?

Perhaps, but with a couple of JSF components existing
smartphones can already do augmented reality pretty well. As Ted
Goddard demonstrates in this month’s issue of JAX
, using ICEmobile to create an augmented reality web
app is surprisingly simple.

Similarly futuristic is the “internet of things” (or “machine
to machine”, if you prefer) movement, in which your fridge, your
thermostat and your front door will be networked and remotely
controlled. In Eclipse in the M2M Universe, we take a look at the
Eclipse Foundation’s latest efforts to ensure that the internet of
things is defined by open standards, and how it all fits in with
the M2M universe.

A more practical bit of software out of the Eclipse
Foundation is the Business and Intelligence Reporting Tools
Project, which can integrate with a whole host of applications to
produce handy reports. As Jason Weatherby and Ray Gans explain on
page 16, twelve million downloads can’t be wrong.

Almost six months later than expected, web framework Vaadin 7
finally arrived last month. We spoke to the company’s CEO, Joonas
Lehtinen, to ask what caused it to take so long, and its
integration of the GWT framework.

Rounding off the issue is an introduction to Clojure, an
exclusive extract from the new book by Heroku community developer
John Stevenson.

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