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JAX Magazine goes Java 8 crazy this March

Lucy Carey

It’s Java 8 week – and we’ve got a special issue of JAX Magazine to celebrate.

This may be grossly over optimistic on my part, but, it feels
like spring is just around the corner. And we all know what that
means. This March, Java 8 will finally be here – and we’ll be
taking a special look into some key areas around this release in
this issue. Click here to
get your free JAX Magazine download

As ever, we’ve kept ourselves busy finding plenty of
intelligent, analytical, and just-generally-quite-helpful articles
to keep you occupied now that the big J-8 is really GA. To whet
your appetite, we’ve got a guide to getting started with the
Streams-API in Java 8 by Sven Ruppert. Step by step, he outlines
what the advantages of this feature are for you, and how devs can
make the best use of it.

On the Eclipse side, Martin Lippert, Principal Software Engineer
at Pivotal, may not be living in a powder keg and giving off sparks
– but he does have some strong opinions regarding the new platform
that are well worth reading.

GlassFish support is technically dead, but there are plenty of
alternatives out there: Making waves recently is WildFly 8, which
was added to the roster of certified Java EE7 apps this February.
In this issue, project leader Jason Greene takes us through what’s

We also have contributions from James Falkner, who is talking
open source. More specificially: postmodern open source. The
revolution may have been ‘won’, but what’s next for the field of
open development post-sea change? Apparently it’s all about the

And don’t miss Simon Ritter’s special look into what’s in store
from Oracle this March. At the time this editorial was written, we
were still waiting for Oracle’s much awaited release to drop – and
I’m sure that this issue is merely scratching the surface on
everything the platform has to offer.

Rest assured, we’ll be continuing to provide expert analysis
throughout the year ahead. In the meantime, here at we’ll be
keeping you up to date as ever with interviews, tutorials, and
analysis focusing on all the hot-topics around Java 8. 

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