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JAX Magazine April – Github pull requests, garbage collection and open source practices

Chris Mayer

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The meteoric rise of Github in the past few years has altered
the course of the industry. Millions are committing code to the
social coding service daily, but are you getting enough out of
Github in the enterprise?

Having just celebrated its fifth birthday (and not wanting to
miss out on a party), we invited Githubber Tim
along in this issue of JAX Magazine to explain
one of the core features – pull requests.

In keeping with the collaboration theme, Black Duck’s
Dave Gruber
gives his top tips at introducing an
open source policy
within your working environment, as
well as some considerations when selecting a tool – Is the project
active enough? Which licenses are used? What is the quality of the

There’s also a chat with Datastax CEO Billy
 about the changing face of the NoSQL
database market
– worth catching for his thoughts on
10gen’s market share claims for competing NoSQL database

Following on from last month’s Eclipse BIRT
introduction, Jason Weathersby and Ray Gans
look deeper
into what is possible in the reporting tools project.

Finally Ruben Badaro offers a crash
course into JVM garbage collection

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