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JAX London 2014 Call for Papers: It’s on

JAX Editorial Team

JAX is returning to London for 2014 in October – and we’re looking for high calibre Java and JVM experts to step forth and share their knowledge.


We’re delighted to announce that JAX London is returning for 2014
this October. As ever, we’ll be bringing a brilliantly enthusiastic
mob of  Java, JVM and enterprise professionals together for
our technology and methodology focused event.

JAX London 2014 will run from 13th -15th October at
the Business Design Centre, Islington, London. Known as the place
where the most respected thinkers and the brightest minds of the
tech community meet, our event offers a deep dive for the modern
developer and architect aiming to transform open technologies into
valuable business solutions.

We pride ourselves on always focusing on the big
picture: Java core, architecture, and web technologies, as well as
expert professional insight into the very latest methodologies and

But first things first: to make this magical Java jam
come together, there’s still one ingredient missing: you! Our Call
for Papers is now
. You can find more information about submitting your
abstract here.

The Call for Papers deadline is April
, and we’ll be in touch in by May 5th to confirm
whether or not your session has been accepted. If you’ve got
something you’d like to stand up and say about the technologies
listed below, we want to know:

Java Platform

  • Inside JDK 8

  • Advanced Java Core technicques

  • Java Enterprise & Web technologies

  • Java Embedded & Internet of Things

  • JVM Languages: Scala, Groovy, Clojure & Co.

  • Java & the Cloud

Web & Mobile

  • HTML5 & JavaScript

  • Web Services & API Management

  • Performance & Security

  • Android Development

  • Mobile to Enterprise

  • Cloud:Building on PaaS Solutions

Developer Practices

  • Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

  • Performance Tuning & Management

  • Software Architecture & Design

  • Secure Coding & IT Security


  • Agile Methodolgies & Scrum

  • Agile Developer Practices

  • Agile Tools & Techniques

  • Continuous Delivery: Tools & Processes

  • DevOps

Big Data

  • NoSQL Data Stores

  • Mastering Hadoop

  • Big Data Processing

  • Software Architecture & Design

  • Analytics

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