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JAX London 2011 Day 1 – what the delegates are saying


Social media from Monday’s sessions

JAX London got underway today, starting with the Spring day and
workshops, and below we’ve been following some of the attendee
twitter chat, live from the event floor:

@jclouds: I can tell
#jaxlondon is going to be another great time to catch up

Seems that software #craftsmanship will be well represented
at@jaxlondon. Getting very excited about it. /cc @jasongorman

@JR0cket: Heading out
for the first day of @JAXLondon – its going to be a great week #LJCJug @Atlassian

Created my first #Android app and deployed it to my Samsung
phone @JAXLondon thanks to @TedNeward and @karianna #LUGJug

@karianna: In an
#android workshop with @tedneward at #jaxlondonentertaining start
as always

@joachimvda: Why I
like going to conferences: it always gives me ideas for
improvements @JAXLondon

@stokiematt: Getting
ready for the trip to The Brit. Tough game tonight I reckon.
Straight back down for trip to #jaxlondon tomorrow.

How the #### am I going to get my #gpars talk for #jaxlondon
tomorrow down to 50mins. So much to say, so little time to say

I wish I had been able to go to the #android workshop at
#jaxlondon. Sounds like the people there are having fun, and
learning stuff.

Writing “Are we there yet?” application on #Android workshop

@agiotis: Spring day
today at JaxLondon 2011. So far, I really liked the Identity
Management with Spring security & Spring batch from Dave

Java EE6/7 workshop with @AdamBien at #jaxlondon. Lots of code,
lots of fun!

@10duke: We’re really
looking forward to exhibiting at #JAXLondon tomorrow. Come and see
us to learn more about our SDK and get a huge discount code!

@city_81: Very good
#Java EE 6/7 workshop from @AdamBien at #JaxLondon. Lots of content
covered and plenty to take away from the day.

Be sure to keep using the #JAXLondon hashtag with your posts, or
simply use it to follow along online if you couldn’t make it to the

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