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JAX Innovation Awards – Nominations Revealed!


Over the last month we have had many interesting and diverse nominations sent our way, but the time has now come to whittle them down into the shortlist!

Over the last month we have had many interesting and diverse
nominations sent our way in the form of Top Java Ambassadors, Most
Innovative Java Technologies and Most Innovative Java

We thank every one of you who has taken the time to fill out the
nomination forms.

You may have noticed that one of our jury members, Martijn
Verburg, was nominated in the Top Java Ambassador category. After
much discussion we decided that it would only be fair for Martijn
to either decline the nomination or to remove himself from judging
duties in that category. Martijn opted to decline the

Martijn has also not cast any votes for any nomination related
to ZeroTurnaround, as he sits on their product advisory board.

Another conflict that you may have noticed is that
ZeroTurnaround has been nominated in the Most Innovative Java
Company category.  Jevgeni Kabanov, the CEO of ZeroTurnaround,
who is also a Jury member will not be casting any votes in regards
to that nomination, or any other nomination that involves his
company, for example JRebel.

The Jury members are currently judging the nominations, once all
of the votes have been tallied up, we will reveal who/what has made
it into the shortlist next week. How exciting! Then it’s back to
you guys again, we need the community’s involvement to help decide
the winners. We need YOU to vote on who you think deserves to wear
the crown of Top Java Ambassador and who/what deserves the title of
Most Innovative Java Company and Technology.

Community voting opens on May 28th
and the winners will be announced at the award ceremony on
July 10th as part of our JAX Conference
in San Francisco.

To see who has been nominated altogether check out the website.

Good luck to everyone who has been nominated and

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