Are enteprises seeing JSF's worth?

JavaServer Faces enjoying Java EE renaissance under Oracle’s stewardship

Chris Mayer

With anticipation gathering for JSF 2.2, have enterprises put their faith in the gold standard for front-end development?

Despite all the in-fighting between JSF framework-focused
companies, like ICEsoft, PrimeFaces, RichFaces and the like, one
thing has become increasingly apparent – that JavaServer Faces
components are in high demand for enterprises looking for
sophisicated front-end development to match their rock-solid
back-end infrastructure.

Many were sceptical when Oracle acquired Sun that
JavaServer Faces 2.0
would merely become a footnote in the
deal, tossed aside to the waste paper bin. But in fact, Oracle
seems to have channelled a lot of energy, and created a lot of
noise about the importance of using JSF as a front for a better
all-round UI. 

There were questions about whether Java would be ready to embrace
. Would JSF indeed dovetail with JavaScript, or in fact
supersede the latter?

Much of Oracle’s JSF grafting can be found within the Mojarra Project – which is
striving towards the next major revision of the JSF
specification, version 2.2. Ed Burns
told SearchSOA
that Oracle had only last week ”released a
milestone 1 snapshot
of that specification, which is still very much
in active development.”

JSF evangelist and principal consultant at
Virtua, Inc also told SearchSOA where JSF was heading in the
future. More opportunities for HTML5, cloud support in
conjunction in Java EE 7, better portlet integration and flow
management are expected in 2.2. “One of the things we’re looking at
is … reducing the server side footprint,” he

Thanks in part to the companies that faciliated
JSF’s jump in activity, the entire space is a vibrant, yet
competitive hub – all actively sounding out how the specification
should go.

JSF appears to be the answer for
highly-interactive Java-centric organisations who were hesitant of
making a huge leap to JavaScript, and wanted the best RIA
applications at their disposal. Offering huge flexibility and
customisable extras through libraries such tables, trees,
buttons and spinners, JSF nods to the other technologies and aims
to take the best in show to make JSF as seamless as possible for

Now, JSF is becoming the de-facto standard, enterprises aren’t
afraid to jump in the pool. 

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