In San Francisco the first Keynotes get under way

JavaOne – FX 2.0, in the Cloud, Version 8 and beyond…


All eyes in the Java community turn to California this week as the JavaOne event gets into full swing

Day one proper of the JavaOne conference came to a close
yesterday, and as always the eyes were expectantly fixed on the
day’s keynotes. This year attendance was up massively compared to
the previous year (some say by as much as 50%) which has lead to
complaints about seating in the main halls. That said, with more
footfall comes more opinion, and all in all a mixed bag for the San
Francisco show so far.

Richard Bair, a Chief Architect at Oracle delivered a
demonstration of JavaFX 2.0 using a Kinect style controller to
control a Duke Mascot on screen in real time, alongside other more
real world uses – audio linked graphics etc. 

Fellow Chief Architect Mark Reinhold also seemed to be
generally well received with his presentation  about the new
features in Java 7 (Project Coin, InvokeDynamic, and the Fork/Join
Framework etc.), some forward looking to Java 8 and even mention of
what might be seen in version 9. 

A preview of Java EE7 from Linda
DeMichiel highlighted some welcome enhancements, especially
cloud driven elements as demonstrated by Arun Gupta with a
GlassFish 4.0 using a cloud based JavaEE7 deployment.

A few blog rumblings have hinted at an overall
disappointment in the lack of anything exciting at this year’s
event, but as the Keynotes progress, there is hope that this will

Has anyone else out in the field got any personal
high-lights so far?

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