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JavaOne 2011 Call for Papers Now Open!

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, EMFText 1.3.4 and Gant 1.9.4.

JavaOne 2011 Call for Papers

The JavaOne Call for Papers is now open! JavaOne
2011 will run from October 2nd-6th in San Francisco.

“Every year we get amazing proposals from well-recognized
luminaries in the Java community. But newbies should not be
intimated! We can’t evaluate proposals that aren’t submitted. Use
your creativity! Share a topic that stands out. Showcase your
unique approach to utilizing Java technology,” says Tori Wieldt at
the Java Source.

The Call for Papers closes on May 23rd.

New Release for Apache Directory LDAP API

The third milestone of the Apache Directory LDAP API 1.0.0
release, is out now. This project aims to provide a replacement for
JNDI and the existing LDAP API. Apache Directory LDAP API is an
extensible, schema aware API that targets the Apache Directory
Server and should also work with any LDAP server. More milestone
versions are expected to be released ahead of the first RC.

EMFText 1.3.4 Released

Version 1.3.4 of the EMFText Eclipse plugin for defining textual Domain
Specific Languages, has been released. This release adds a custom
syntax wizard and enhances the new project wizard. The WebTest
basic script language for functional website testing is also now
available on the update site. More information can be found at the
New & Noteworthy.

Gant Updated for Groovy 1.8.0

Version 1.9.4 of the Gant tool for
scripting Ant tasks using Groovy, has been released. This release
ensures that Gant is compatible with the recently-released Groovy
version 1.8.0.

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