Client Platform

JavaFX Version 1.3 Released

Jessica Thornsby

JavaFX introduces new visual layout tool for building GUI applications.

JavaFX Version 1.3 is now available.

JavaFX is a client platform for delivering rich internet
applications across various devices. It aims to extend the
capabilities of the Java platform by delivering audio, video, rich
text, vector graphics and animation via a scripting language.

This release features enhanced support for UI controls, CSS
skinning, and programmatic layout, and Amble, a new native JavaFX
font family. It also features NetBeans IDE 6.9 Beta, which introduces the JavaFX
Composer, a visual layout tool for visually building form-based,
JavaFX GUI applications. This release updates the way JavaFX
handles binding, and features a rewrite of the existing UI
controls, which should better take advantage of the new CSS support
in JavaFX. Please see the Release Notes for more details.

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