Oracle backing the rich client framework

JavaFX 2.2 arrives, JavaFX 8.0 next?

Chris Mayer

The latest advances in JavaFX suggest Oracle is putting all their weight behind it, plus a few changes are in store.

It may have taken a backseat to the bigger news of the Java 7
update yesterday, but Oracle clearly is backing their rich client
framework JavaFX to the hilt.

Yesterday’s release of JavaFX 2.2 bundled into the JDK 7u6
package certified their commitment into including the technology in
future plans, adding new features such as the free drawing Canvas
node (bearing similarities to HTML Canvas) and the option to
screenshot part of a scene graph.

Richard Bair, Project Lead for JavaFX, had bigger news though,
revealing future plans for JavaFX as part of Java SE. The biggest
change will see the next release skip a few numbers, straight up to
JavaFX 8.0, which makes sense if JavaFX is included in Java 8 as

“So the next major release (formerly 3.0) will actually just be
called JavaFX and share the version number of the JRE that it ships
with. If JavaFX becomes part of JavaSE in JavaSE 9 timeframe as we
hope, then it would clearly no longer have its own version number,
so it made sense to us to get in line now.”

Efforts on this reworking is well underway with “tons of
performance work recently” going into the 8.0 repository. The
changes haven’t yet been reflected on the
, but we can expect that in due course.

Bair promised to showcase the latest features on FX Experience,
looking deeper at the drag-and-drop tool Scene Builder and Scenic
View 1.1 (which
also went GA yesterday
). Well worth monitoring if you’re keen
to grasp the new nuances of this growing framework. In the
meantime, get hacking!

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