JAX London

Java Web and Enterprise at JAX London Autumn Edition 2010!

Jessica Thornsby

Dedicated Java Web & Enterprise JAX London track to cover OSGi, EclipseLink JPA and Apache Aries!

For our second ever JAX London conference, we’re placing a special focus
on building high performance, modular, portable and scalable
Enterprise applications, with the Java
Web & Enterprise track
at JAX London Autumn Edition

Already signed up to share their Enterprise know-how with
attendees, are the Director of Product Management for Oracle
Application Doug Clarke, and Holly Cummins, the software engineer
at IBM’s Hursley labs. Attendees will be introduced to the new
Apache Aries project and learn where it fits in with the Enterprise
OSGi specification, and see how the EclipseLink JPA can help them
overcome many common performance and scalability bottlenecks
arising from relational databases.

At the first instalment of JAX London 2010, Kirk Knoershild
delivered a keynote on OSGI in the enterprise. We caught up with
him for a two-part interview, where he shared his thoughts on the
relationship between modularity and OSGi, and
gave us his recommendation for the piece of open source
software that gets modularity just right.

ATTENTION! Registration closes TODAY for Very Early Bird

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