Java developers are most wanted

Java tops desired software skills list, survey reveals

Chris Mayer

Demand for Java developers stronger than ever, survey of 1,200 hiring managers finds

A survey of 1,200 tech-hiring managers and recruiters has found
that Java developers are the most wanted when it comes to filling
job posts in 2012.

Data compiled by tech-career hub Dice
revealed that the need for top developers was again prevalent, with
Java/Java EE developers nabbing the top spot.

Managing director for, Alice Hill said:

Demand for tech professionals with java know-how has grown
year/year for more than two years as measured by job postings on
Dice. If your company is looking to hire this talent, don’t dawdle
— a seasoned Java developer clearly has options.

Software developers in general occupy the number-two position
this year, with mobile developers rising up the list to third
suggesting that multi-skilled developers should reap the
benefits.  As Hill explains:

Mobile has become ubiquitous and the number of qualified,
experience developers hasn’t caught up with the market.

One thing is clear however. Those hiring are still looking for
those who can be versatile and pragmatic when coding. The more
boxes you tick from the list, the better prospective candidate you
appear to be. As Hill adds 

Employers want developers who have strong opinions on what
makes for high quality code, and a passion to create excellent user
experiences and business solutions

One interesting note from the survey is the appearance of ops
professionals at No.9, making their debut on the list, showing how
highly valued the methods of coherent and cohesive software
development are for those looking for prospective employees.
Critics who prophecised the rise of DevOps appears to be well
founded in that judgement.

Dice are US-based, but the data can be extrapolated across the
globe. As for the American market, Dice say that outside of the
major metropolitan markets, demand is strong in Florida, Oregon,
Colorado and Arizona.

Here is Dice’s list of the top 10 software skills in demand as
of January 2012:

  1. Java/Java EE developers
  2. Software developers/engineers
  3. Mobile developers
  4. .NET developers
  5. Project managers
  6. Web developers
  7. System engineers/administrators
  8. Network engineers/administrators
  9. SAP professionals
  10. Business analysts

In an increasingly gloomy job market, the tech sector appears to
be relatively staying above water for now. For thos currently
looking to further their career, the message appears clear – have
Java as a base, but expand upon it to further your employability.
Perhaps embracing a new language for the new year isn’t such a bad
idea after all?

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