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Java Tech Journal #14 – Gradle: Advanced Insights

Chris Mayer

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The latest issue of Java Tech Journal – the free PDF magazine
that delves deeper into a topic from within the Java ecosystem, is
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Java Tech Journal is the digital-only magazine covering all the
hot topics for Java and Eclipse developers. Each issue deep dives
into one topic, be it the Scala programming language or Agile
development. The magazine provides an insight into emerging trends
in the Java universe, and offers best practices for established
technologies on a monthly basis.

This issue, co-edited by Grails and Groovy specialist Tim Berglund, focuses on
Gradle – the powerful open source build tool that has recieved
industry-wide acclaim for its ability to make both the simple and
advanced hand-coded custom builds .

In this final issue of Java Tech Journal for 2011 -

  • Gradle SOAP - Ken Kousen
    illustrates several useful features of Gradle not often covered in
    a typical tutorial
  • Plugging in to Gradle Plugins – Tim Berglund
    gives some useful guidelines and a practical tutorial for
    advanced Gradle users who want to extend the tool with plugins
  • Interview with Hans Dockter - the
    Gradle co-creator outlines the history of the build tool and also
    articulates his vision for its future.

We hope it gives newcomers a brief glimpse into the powers of
Gradle – a tool you just can’t ignore.

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