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Java reclaims No.1 language spot thanks to Android

Chris Mayer

Ten months on from being deposed at the top by C, Java takes back first place in TIOBE index.

Amidst continued criticism over security, Java has
regained its place
at the top of the TIOBE Programming
Community Index
ten months after being deposed by C

The monthly rankings are calculated by software company TIOBE using
an undisclosed algorithm “based on the number of skilled engineers
world-wide, courses and third party vendors”. The authors of the
rankings suggest that Java has gained the most market share across
all languages over the past six months chiefly thanks to “the
success of Android phones”.

In February, Java gained 1.34% to take its total popularity rating
to 18.387%, with C second with 17.080%. The only other JVM language
to make the top 50 is Scala, 35th with 0.327%. While this might not
seem like much of an achievement, a year ago Scala was languishing
in the 50-100 bracket: its progress up the charts suggesting that
it is beginning to pick up steady traction. Groovy, Clojure and
Dart are all still sitting outside the TIOBE Top 50, with not much
between them.

The TIOBE index, while well-established, is not the only measure of
programming languages’ popularity. Rival index
, which analyses how often a language tutorial
is searched for on Google, also puts Java at the top of the pack,
though with a slight drop in popularity over the past month.

Stephen O’Grady of idiosyncratic analysts RedMonk also carries out
a biannual, two-dimensional plot of language popularity on their
popularity on StackOverflow and GitHub: in September,
Java was said to be number two -

beaten only by JavaScript.

Long-term Tiobe Index

Looking at the long-term TIOBE
trends, we should expect Java and C to trade off for some time yet,
as both continue to slide. While we shouldn’t take too much from
rankings such as these, it’s nice to see that Java isn’t
disappearing as quickly as some like to preach.

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