Java Knocked off the Top Spot

Jessica Thornsby

Java is TIOBE’s second most popular programming language.

C is back on the top spot! According to the TIOBE index, Java
has taken second place in the TIOBE Programming Community Index for
April 2010.

TIOBE reports that C has enjoyed fairly consistent popularity
over the past few years, and cites the reason for its current
number one placement, as “the decline of its competitor Java.” This
is Java’s lowest TIOBE rating since the 2005 period, where it
reached a low of 15% on the TIOBE scale.

“It is losing ground to other languages running on the JVM. An
example of such a language is JavaFX script that is now approaching
the top 20,” reads the report.

However, JavaFX Script has a rating of 0.485%, while Java still
has a considerable lead at 18.051%.

The TOBE index counts the hits on popular search engines such as
Google, MSN, Wikipedia, Yahoo! and YouTube, to deliver its verdict
on the current popularity of programming languages.

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