New Sapphire-Based Eclipse Project

Java EE Module Configuration Editors for Eclipse?

Jessica Thornsby

New project proposed for providing form-based editors for Java EE module configurations.

Java EE Module Configuration Editors has been
proposed as a new Eclipse project, under the WTP Java EE Tools
project. This project will provide form-based editors for Java EE
module configurations, which will offer assist, validation,
browsing for possible values, and cross-navigation to source and
other referenced locations. The editors will bring together
information from the module’s XML configuration file and the
relevant annotations, and will be built using Sapphire.
Sapphire will provide the XML binding and bi-directional
synchronisation with source view. The project will remain in
incubation until Sapphire itself exits incubation.

When implementing the editor with Sapphire, a semantic model
will be created, which may be exposed as a public API as the
project develops. According to the project proposal, Java EE Module
Configuration Editors’ functionality may be included in EEP
packages, for example Eclipse IDE for Java EE developers.

Currently, editors for Web, EAR and EJB modules are planned in
time for the Juno release in 2012.

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