Java and C Trade Places

Java Back at Number One on TIOBE Community Index

Jessica Thornsby

Java and C change places on TIOBE index.

Java is back on the top spot!

TIOBE have published the June edition of their Programming Community
Index, and Java has traded places with C to resume its place at
number one.

In April 2010, C
overtook Java
fact which TIOBE attributed to “the decline of its competitor
Java,” noting that C has hovered around the same level of
popularity, for the past few years. The TIOBE report also claimed
that, not only was Java no longer top dog in the Community Index,
but it was also losing ground to the new programming languages for
the JVM.

However, Dalibor Topic has questioned whether these sorts of
figures mean anything at all,
noting that after the “TIOBE confirms it, Java is
dying” message of April 2010, TIOBE now appears to be confirming
that the opposite is true.

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