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Java 8 update 11 is breaking dev tools

Coman Hamilton

Oracle’s latest Java releases have thrown a spanner in the works for several third-party tools.

It’s been a bumpy old ride for Java 8. Release

, an applet
security scare
and now an update that’s causing trouble for
developer tools. The Java platform’s most recent releases have been
reported to cause several third-party tools to break. The bug has
been spotted both in Java 8 (update 11) as well as Java 7 (update

ZeroTurnaround is
advising users
of its deployment-avoiding tool JRebel that are
experiencing the problem to resort to using Java 8u5 until a fix
comes. Alternatively, the -noverify switch can be used as a
temporary workaround. Several users of the Groovy
programming language have also encountered the problem, while other
tools such as Javassist,
Google’s Guice and Jacoco code coverage are also partially

Bad <init> method call

According to InfoQ,
the bug can be traced to a modification to the JVM’s bytecode
verification subsystem. Prior to 8u11, the platform did not require
a call to a superclass constructor to be the first action
undertaken by a constructor. By changing this requirement, the most
recent update may have created this new problem for third-party
Java tools.

of the Java 8 bug, which has been documented on OpenJDK, has
quickly spread, the release date for the bugfix has not yet been
announced by Oracle.

Oracle has previously enforced a strict hierarchy of

swotting in order to keep its Java development on schedule.
In the run up to the initial
Java 8 release
, only on “showstopper bugs” were prioritised,
while fixes of “non-showstopper bugs” were regularly postponed to
later releases after the global JDK 8 release in March.

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