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Java 8 release candidate is here

Lucy Carey

Oracle JDK Release Manager Mathias Axelsson announces build 128 as the first release candidate build of Java 8

As we reported
last month
, Oracle is going hell-for-leather to push out the
long awaited release of Java 8. These efforts to get everything out
on time for the much-delayed deadline appear to be paying off, with
Oracle JDK Release Manager  Mathias Axelsson announcing
that the first release candidate build is
now ready for download

In a update published on Tuesday morning, he wrote
that Oracle had promoted build 128 as the first release candidate
build of JDK 8.

Axelsson added that he was continuing to monitor
incoming bugs, and should a critical “showstopper” appear a new
build will have to be created to include it. At this stage of
development, after pushing back the deadline from spring last year,
all guns are blazing to get the final release out this March.

Those who’ve been following the treacle-slow progress
of Java 8 will be well versed in the setbacks Oracle has faced in
pushing out this release – namely, the need to address security
issues, which have been the root of one long PR nightmare for the
platform over the past year.

There was also the matter of Project Lamda, which took
much longer than expected to perfect. With lambdas seen by many as
the ‘X Factor’ element in this new release, Chief Architect
 Markus Reinhold decided the best course of action would be to
“stop the train” for a September 2013 release to give the project
time to catch up.

Although reactions to this were “tinged with
”, overall, the community was fairly unanimous in
agreement at the time that they’d rather hold out for a better,
more stable release than accept an earlier, imperfect version.

These latest announcements however, which have
emphasised that only major fixes are going on at this point, appear
to have spooked some users, with one
commenting, “that’s all we need, another bug-laden
java release…” and another chiming in with, “That’s what I want to
hear, “We don’t really care about quality. Only budgets and
deadlines matter.”

Regardless of these criticisms though, the Java 8 express is
going full steam ahead, and you can take this latest build for a
test drive at https://jdk8.java.net/download.html.

Image by TJ Cosgrove

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